Crashing with Access violation when stopping


29-08-2003 18:44:16


I'm running a trial version, and am really impressed so far. H

owever, when ever I hit the STOP button, to stop a project, it crashes, and throws me out.

The error I am getting is

Error Access violation at 0x004187C5 (tried to read from 0x6361313D), program terminated

Not always the same memory address

I'm using Win200Pro


30-08-2003 08:13:15

Are you using the latest build? If it is the latest one, then what are projects details. Can you send me your projet file to support[]


09-10-2003 23:44:13

same to me (i'm using the latest build).


11-10-2003 05:50:26

same to me (i'm using the latest build).[/quote5uh02xz3]

There was an issue with 3.2 and it was fixed in 3.3. what are the steps to reproduce the crash?