Crash with kernel32.dll in Windows ME


22-10-2003 03:31:40

[b3vsg73wn] I just purchased PictureRipper 3.3 because my time-trial version expired. The program works great WHEN it decides to load. Most of the time, Windows tells me that PictureRipper caused a fault with kernel32.dll and then PictureRipper stays loaded in memory, but does nothing. Subsequent attempts to run the program do nothing. I am running Windows ME with 512 MB. RAM, plenty of hard drive space, a typical setup. I've tried closing all other open apps but the problem persists.


22-10-2003 05:28:32

what does it say exactly and when does it say it so? does it crash when you launch program or when you ty to run a project? please e-mail details to


30-10-2003 06:37:09

I found what was causing the conflict PS Tray Factory ver. 1.5 by PS Soft Lab. Closing it allowed PictureRipper to run properly without the Kernel32.dll crashes. I have no idea which program is at fault, but at least now I know the workaround.
PS Tray Factory


30-10-2003 15:41:12

I checked out their website and it says there is a new version 1.94..
I have no idea what's new in it, but I hope updating to the latest version might help. Also I e-mailed PS Soft support and we'll see what we can do to resolve the issue.

Thank you! 8)