What is process for downloading entire category?


16-05-2003 02:01:30

If I have 5 project URL in a category and want to download them all, do I click the category and then Download?

When I tried this, PR started downloading the last site I put into projects which was in a different category all together.



16-05-2003 09:14:04

Do you have the same set of settings for each of these projects and the only thing that is different is the URL?
if your answer is yes, then you might use so called Starting URL manager.. you can have as many starting URLs as you like attached to your project. To open URL manager you need to press "..." button (located on the right hand side of the Starting Address field)

if your answer is "No", then mine is sorry, but this is not available in the current release. If this feature will get some more votes I will implement that ;-) The new project tree in 3.1 allows way more freedom for that ;-)

thanks! wink