Crashes every time... I know why!


25-03-2004 06:28:18

At least I think I know why... wink

When it finished with the links in it's queue, it began running .jpg and .wmv files through the crawler. As soon as it did that a few times the program just dissapears! So here's what I did

I sat there and waited until the "links" number got down to only a few and then right-clicked to "Pause Crawler Threads" It worked, since now it downloads all the media down to zero. As soon as I start the crawler threads back again, it dies.

Please tell me what I can do to work around this in a more convienient way.

Thank You!


25-03-2004 06:31:23

Please e-mail me support (AT) and we will try to debug this issue. Please provide info about your your system specs as well.



22-09-2004 07:35:19

i have a registered copy. it crashes almost every time i stop a project and freezes my whole computer so i have to restart. it helps to hit pause first, then wait for a while, and then stop. but it crashes sometimes wven when i do that. do you know how to fix this issue?