Does PR know not to re-download existing files?


16-05-2003 02:07:27

I had to re-download a site because PR did not get all 5 of the mpgs (just mpg1 and mpg2).

I clicked on the download again and it acted as if it were a fresh project and although it got the entire mpg1 and mpg2 the first time, PR started all over with downloading MPG1 and MPG2 (it picked up mpg3 on the second time but not 4 and 5.



16-05-2003 03:00:03

lol, I asked that same question
[quote72uuuxu5]The Pause/Resume feature is available in the first beta of PictureRipper 3.1. I am going to setup a special page for beta-testers and will post a link so you will be able to test it if you like It will be availabe really soon.

And yes, the coming 3.1 will have ability to ignore files that were downloaded already [/quote72uuuxu5]


16-05-2003 11:58:40

RTFF (read the F* Forum)
I saw your post after I had posted my question.... Sorry to double the work responding wink

Would be nice feature though


16-05-2003 20:15:40

LOL, guys!