Stalled Threads - Can't save links


19-11-2004 06:10:49

Is hope in sight for the stalled threads issue that many users are reporting?

After chipping tens of thousands of media links out of the queue, nothing hurts more than not being able to pause activity and have fetcher/crawler threads settle down so you can save.

- Sully


30-11-2004 21:17:18

this item has been placed on the to-do list for the next service release (that is 3.56).. Picture Ripper will offer to save queue if threads are being blocked by wininet.dll (this is what causes threads to stale and one has to reboot computer to get the Internet connectivity back to normal)

ETA is December 6th.


01-12-2004 04:19:27

This is somewhat related.
As I understand it or unless something has changed the history is saved when a project is completed? Might I suggest an auto save every X number of files option? that way if the program crashes or the cat hits the reset button on your computer or whatever you do not have to start over from scratch? just a thought lol