Keeps Unregistering


25-09-2005 17:50:53

I ordered picture ripper and for about a year and a half it worked ok(except for a few problems now and then) but then recently in the the past couple months my picture ripper kept unregistering once in a while.An Error Message pops up saying this,
Key Required

The Security key for this program currently stored on your system does not appear to be valid for this version of the program.
Select Yes to enter a new key, or No to revert to the default setting (if any).

I put the licence info in and it works ok but then a week or so later when i click on the application I get this message about a wrong key or something unregistering again so I have to put the licence info in again.


24-06-2006 00:29:26

I have the problem, too. The same info came. I gave in my license key, but then a message came, that the license key is not valid.

I have purchased a valid license.

I got it first after installing the new version of picture ripper 3.58. Before installing the new version everything was o.k. I tried to uninstall, restart Windows and then install it again, but the problem is still the same.

Thank you for helping me.

My system is an old Intel PIII 633 Mhz 512 MB RAM
Windows 2000 (German) SP4 Update Rollup1 and all the newest patches.
Firewall Kerio 4.2
Antivirus Norton AV 2004


24-06-2006 12:38:28

If you got this message when instaled 3.58 then it's ok. Just use your pincoed to download and install new license code again. The version 3.58 should address the issue mentioned in this topic by allowing more hardware to change before the license key becomes invalid. This change led to situation when old license is not compatibvle with new system, so just install new license. ;) hope this helps