3.58 ignoring the ignore if smaller setting


13-05-2006 19:07:50

I just upgraded my 3.57 to 3.58... now it ignores the "Ignore file if..." settings. I'm getting nothing but small crap now.

How can I go back to 3.57 or get this fixed? Now I can't use the program.

I tried re-creating the project with no luck.


15-05-2006 15:59:26

I will look int it tonight. Meanwhile, please let me know if it happens to all and every site you try or with only some of them. Some servers do not report length of the content during the transfer, so Picture Ripper has no idea what file size is until the file is downloaded.


15-05-2006 17:42:56

I've just tested it and it worked ok. if it's possible, please send me (via P.M. or e-mail) the address of a site you experience the bug.


21-05-2006 14:29:25

Another idea to check if you have your license properly installed. Picture Ripper disables filters during the last few weeks of trial period.