Many 302 Errors, few media files found/fetched


12-08-2006 20:56:54


As of build 3588, and also in build 3590, I'm seeing a lot of crawler and fetcher status with "302 Resides under a different URL[/coloruhwotins]".

I have taken a fresh project and turned PR build 3588/3590 loose on it and I get 0 media files, with a lot of 302 errors. Uninstalled, rolled back to build 3582 and run the same project, I get no 302 errors and plenty of media files.

This happens on roughly 30% of the project files I've tried since 3588/3590 (Typically TGP). I'll PM you a sample project file.

- Sully


13-08-2006 08:32:01

please send the URLs to Thanks