Imagefap No Longer Working?


02-12-2007 12:43:26

Yesterday in the afternoon imagefap seemed to start acting up and I have yet to get a successful crawl again.

I'm not blocked out - I can right click and view the link and see valid content. I think they may have changed their code or added a pop-up or something.

Here are a few links to test

http// ... 074464.jpg

http// ... e58-60.htm

All are giving

Error (1022)

and some

Error (1022) The requested URL returned error 400

Again, I can manually open the links reporting errors and see images just fine.


20-12-2007 01:43:34

She's ugly. lol
In the 4th image starting from the end of your second link, she has something on her tooth and one of the nipples is gone. WTF shock