Are we alone here?


13-01-2008 05:49:14

Hello...? Not much activity. Is the author still around, and is there anything in the works with PR?

Imagefap just changed how they display multiple pages of a gallery. You no longer get a page=1 page=2 link, its done via this format... so if you try crawl full galleries you can't get to the subsequent pages

Anyway to fix this???

<a class=link3 onclick="requestGallery('pgid=&gid=966033&page=1'); return false;" href="#">2</a>
<a class=link3 onclick="requestGallery('pgid=&gid=966033&page=2'); return false;" href="#">3</a>
<a class=link3 onclick="requestGallery('pgid=&gid=966033&page=3'); return false;" href="#">4</a>
<a class=link3 onclick="requestGallery('pgid=&gid=966033&page=4'); return false;" href="#">5</a>
<a class=link3 onclick="requestGallery('pgid=&gid=966033&page=5'); return false;" href="#">6</a>
&nbsp;<a class=link3 onclick="requestGallery('pgid=&gid=966033&page=1'); return false;" href="#"> next </a>


14-01-2008 12:44:45

I am here, of course... as a matter of fact the whole site has been moved to a new server hardware last week. I have been looking into all that imagefap stuff last two weeks, in "making tests/throwing away/repeating" style.. theydefinately take care of this kind of apps and I am still to come up with some generic solution to be able to cope with everlasting changes at such sites... yet it has to be easy as a click here and here/press the go button manner. I am getting a lot of uninstall feedback from users demanding easier interface so I have to take thins in to consideration as well...


04-02-2008 17:34:13

I've had to start using a different product - Bulk Image Downloader - to do actual downloads, and use PR for crawling. (BID doesn't crawl well) BID has updated its code to handle imagefap and most recent changes, so its nice they are keeping on top of that.

Right now PR is idle until some of these recent changes are addressed. Thats a bummer. Without support of the major hosts the interface isn't going to do much good.


16-03-2008 21:50:03

I am not sure if it's just imagefap has changed it back again or it's some miracle, but PR 4.0 and latest 4.5 can rip imagefap galleries. I am about to make some flash video showing how to set up project step-by-step. in fact it's really easy and no rocket science degree required