Crash Every Time on


21-09-2008 03:10:11

Runs for several seconds and then exits. Looks like it downloads -some- media before doing so. Testing some links.


23-09-2008 20:35:12

Almost no rhyme or reason. Larger sites it will crawl for a while, get through
some downloads, then crash.

Seems to happen on download phase.

What can I do to help diagnosis?


02-10-2008 10:04:31

Has it been crashing before you apllied Windows XP Service Pack 3 (if you installed SP3 at all)?


08-10-2008 02:46:02

SP3 is installed, but to be honest, ever since it switched from the old format (2.x?) I haven't used it much.


04-12-2008 19:27:34

Now it crashes every time with "Could Not Create App Media Folder"


08-12-2008 10:23:38

Make sure the application has rights to the target media folder. The best approach is to create it inside user's document folder.