Same Customer, Different Problem


24-04-2009 09:25:42

Access Violation error every time I run the program.


26-04-2009 07:42:54

Iam sorry, but PR4.52 is not compatible with 64bit OSes


27-04-2009 01:41:05

Since Vista and the new Windows 7 platforms are encouraging users to run 64 bit OS, are there any plans to support this in the future? (This didn't work for me when I was using 32 bit, either, and would even go so far as to downgrade back to it, because I have issues with XP64 anyway.)


10-05-2009 17:13:34

I read this thread while trying to see why P.R. would not load on my 32 bit Win 7 RC laptop. Just thought I'd tell you guys that it seems to be working for me on my Gateway 64 Bit Vista Ultimate system. Go figure!