Bug in report files.


19-04-2010 20:32:58

When I try to save the system message in files with fonction "Saves Items To File" your program create the file "status_messages.txt"
but the end-of-line character is Linux type (try to open it in notepad to see the problem).

Sorry for my poor english.


23-05-2010 06:26:59

Just open it in something else like wordpad, then hit save, and close it and open in notepad. Allot of programs use linux type characters for text files, because most people use more advanced document readers to view debugs, or log files. I recommend notepad++[/url1jybfeyw] or [url=http://www.textpad.com/download/index.html#downloads1jybfeyw]textpad[/url1jybfeyw]