deletion of files/folders


27-06-2003 21:38:35

for some strange reason, i cannot delete certian gallery folders or image files, and the image files are ctually images, they read as images, but there is no visual to them. anyone know a fix for this mightilly annoying bug?


27-06-2003 23:16:36


Sorry, I can not understand what is problem exactly, can you provide some more details? ?
do you try to delete these files/folders using PictureRipper? can you delete these files in Windows Explorer?


28-06-2003 15:10:57

I have the same problem..
When i try to delete the existing files after having uninstalled pictureripper, it says that the file is beeing used by a program or another person. But i have tried to quit all programs and tried deleting the existing files, but it still dosn`t work..

Can somebody help?!


28-06-2003 18:06:42

ok, do you guys have win xp and cannot delete movie files??

if your answer is yes and yes, then the reason migh be the following when you select movie file, WinXP Explorer try to generate thumbnail for it. The file cannot be deleted until the Explorer is done with the thumbnail. if movie file is really huge or is corrupted, Windows Explorer may take significant amount of time to break out of the loop.

if you try to delete folder that PictureRipper is populating with new files (i.e. is in running state) then you will not be able delete until you stop all threads.

if you get message like "file is being used by a program or another person" the you may try to restart (reboot) computer and try to delete files prior to launch PictureRipper. If files still can not be deleted, then it's not PictureRipper holding them, but some other application. Do you have antivirus monitor enabled, BTW?

if you have uninstalled PictureRipper and restarted computer then there is no way PictureRipper can mess with files, because it does not exist on the system anymore.

Looking forward for your replies, guys! This is really the first report of this kind, so please let me know if my info was useful in any way. ;)


28-06-2003 19:18:52

I've had similar problems with xp and it has nothing to do with PR unless of course it is using the folder or file in question. I've had empty folders that just can not be deleted with no programs running what so ever. For some reason windows explorer just will not let go of some stuff no matter what. The only solution I have come up with short of re-booting is to hit ctrl-alt-delete and go to processes and stop explorer, then go to applications and click on new task and type explorer to re-start it.

Also, if you use a 3rd party image viewer make sure its not running in the tray, sometimes they will hold on to a image after it is through viewing it.