buffer over run


19-07-2003 22:30:35

Any idea what would cause this? I got it twice now
screen shot[/urlxguarn5z]


20-07-2003 06:03:35

Looking at the queue size I can guess that this Error caused by lack of memory. Thу queues are huge, and if I am not mistaken, you use history heavily.. Your computer run out of memory and could not allocate memory any more.

Solution increase RAM by adding memory chips or free space for swap file (an make sure size of swap file is determined by windows)..


20-07-2003 06:23:02

Well, I'm running 1 gig ram, maybe it built up from a previous run? I don't remember if I just opened PR for that project or if it was second or third project, would it be better to close down PR between large projects?

Oh, and swap file is 1000 MB and nothing else running in background that would use it.


20-07-2003 06:41:45

I take that back I probably had a bazillion thumbnails in cache. Maybe I will upgrade to 1.5 gig ram, 512 pc2700 is kinda pricey though roll

Oh, I just checked crucial, only 82 bucks now. lol


20-07-2003 07:11:01

make sure that swap file has plenty of room to grow. physical memory gets saturated very quickly, so if your system drive does not have enough space, then it is possible to get errors like that more than often.

hope that helps,


28-01-2004 04:48:54

I'm having the exact same prob with the buffer errors but hell I have a gig of OCZ dual channel pc3500 and I just set my swap @ 4095 (sata raid) Now according to my trusty memturbo proggy (that i have used for years so i know it's pretty damn accurate) I only drop 2megs of ram before the error. Is it possible XP is causing the error. I just reinstalled and have yet to dl all the service packs, updates, and other useless crap. Or should I go up the road to Microsoft and ask to borrow a bank of servers... lol . Or just upgrade ram? I hate like hell drop another 250 on ram but I will make pictureripper work even if it means eating ramen noodles for a month. !