limit # of connections


20-07-2003 16:32:44

The limit number of connections box does not stay checked after you shut down pr. This is fairly important for many pay sights lol

Speaking of which, I noticed in the fine print on one sight that your membership would be canceled if it was determined that you were using a program to download their content, besides mass connections is there another way this cold be determined?


20-07-2003 16:39:45

this checkbox gets unchecked automatically if you have less threads (of any kind) then the number of connections per server.

regarding paysites
you may use 1 crawler and 1 fetcher to be (or feel lol ) safe.


20-07-2003 17:52:33

I use 2 fetch and 2 crawl and 2 max connections. would that not be 4 total vs 2 connections? without the box do I not get 4 connections?


21-07-2003 09:47:34

Limit number of connections is per each kind of threads... yes, it's kind of stupid, but they are separate kind of threads with differrent code and my attempt to make them to share the number has failed. shock )