folder structure


21-07-2003 09:04:26

I'm trying to get some vids off a pay site. This is the situation, 4 levels into the site is 1 page with 90 something vids, the url for each file puts it in 1 more directory deep but pr insists on putting every file in the same folder. I'm using picture site and recreate folder structure, I also tried smart, gallery counter, and obtain from url all with no luck. The trouble is many of the files have the same name so you see the problem.

The list url is like xxx\members\html\mpegs.htm
and the file url is xxx\members\html\mpegs\modelname\clip1.rm

but everything ends up in mpegs.htm folder no matter how I try it, any suggestions?

perhaps an option to auto rename would be nice but I can see conflicts with the no overwrite option roll


21-07-2003 09:44:49

I see the problem, I think I will introduce new folder option in next beta...

The current algo uses page's URL (i.e. referrer) to recreate folder structure
This was done to tie up the original page and the media content. if it would recreate folder structure using media file's path, then it can get difficult to separate images/videos from one gallery from another one.

for example website has a common repository of images and all the galleries link to that repository.. and you will end up with all images in one folder.

Yes, I see the reason to add another option to use the above algo, so please stay tuned.



21-07-2003 23:03:09

Ok, looking forward to next build. I was under the impression that was the difference between recreate folder structure and smart recreate. Maybe make normal recreate use just the file url?