Alter URLs with Regex Expression

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The Problem


In late 90's web links looked like this:


You can easily spot the image name. So basic media downloader can do the same.


Today there are many dynamic sites on the Internet. And oftentimes links look like this one


So the problem is: How one tells what is image file name in the above link? How about old media downloader?


The Solution


Picture Ripper 4 is here to help - Alter URL's with Regex Expression has been designed to address this problem.



How It Works?


Before Picture Ripper can save downloaded file, it has to decide what file name is. You can assist it with Pre-Save As URL Rewrite Rule.

Picture Ripper will use the rule to rewrite the URL and then extract file name.


For example, Picture Ripper has to save file downloaded from this URL:


As you can see the image name is undefined, but we have something that looks like a product ID. We can use this ID as image file name.

To accomplish this, we need to define the following regex rewrite rule:




Then we define replacement rule:




Picture Ripper will process the url and rewrite so it looks like this one:


Now Picture Ripper will see the file name in the URL and save it properly


More info


You may learn how to use regex & replace by visiting these online resources: