Form Authentication And Image Verification

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Some sites require to fill in a web form and submit it manually in order to access member-only area. Some sites use CAPTCHA test to verify if this is real person trying to access the site and not a web crawler.


Before Picture Ripper can submit forms on your behalf, you need to train Picture Ripper which form to fill and what data to use for form fields.


Form Wizard Step-by-Step Guide


1. Double click on Form Address field


2. Type in address of a site in integrated web browser's address bar

3. Navigate to the form.

If the form has CAPTCHA test, then proceed to this page and, once finished with it, return to step 4.

4. Click on toolbar button "Yes, this page has the form"


5. Fill in and submit the form, i.e. press "Login" button


6. Picture Ripper will display confirmation dialog.


7. Picture Ripper will proceed with form submission and load the result page.


8. Check the site. If you have been logged in and everything works ok, then click on toolbar button "Press to save form data"


9. Picture Ripper will close the internal browser and populate project properties with collected values.


10, Press "Apply changes" to save new form data.