Temporary Folder

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Temporary Folder is a read-only field. Double click on this item to browse to the folder using Windows Explorer.


Purpose of Temporary Folder


Temporary Folder is used to store temporary files generated during project run. Each project has its own dedicated Temporary Folder, so the files from different projects do not interfere with each other.


Temporary Folder is the folder where Picture Ripper stores the following files between sessions:


cookies file - project_cookies.txt
paused queue file - project_queue.txt
file with list of downloaded files - project_history.txt

All the above files are human-readable, so you may open these files with a notepad-like software of your choice.

To enforce your privacy, just delete temporary folders. Yes, it's that easy!



Cookies File


Cookies file is created once Picture Ripper has to keep persistent cookie. These cookies can be reused during future sessions.


Queue File


Queue file is created only if the project has been paused. If you want to abort running project and wish to restart it later you have to press "Pause|Resume" button, not the "Stop" one. Once you pause the project, Picture Ripper saves the links queue to a file. Picture Ripper will prompt you if you want to resume processing saved queue. Press "No" button to start fresh project.



History File


History file is created only if Keep log of downloaded links in a history file option is set to True.